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Officer's Manuals...
Food Safety Training ONLINE!

The State 4-H Office requires that every club have at least one 4-H leader trained in Food Safety.  The more leaders in your club that are certified, the more convenient it is for your club. It is required that a certified volunteer is to be present at all bake sales/food booths to make sure proper food safety guidelines are handled.  Food Safety trainings are available anytime online!  Please visit the website below, and use the provided sign-in/user information:

Website: http://ucanr.edu/sites/MISKIS/
Username: miskis
Password: makeitsafe_1234

4-H Attire...

Click here to see a sample photo of proper
4-H hat etiquette.
*Please see the notes as there are a couple variations from county to county.

4-H supplies may be purchased from some local feed stores in Kern County or you may order from:

National 4-H Supply Service
(301) 961-2934

Leslie Carman 4-H Club Supplies (hats, ties, collars)

(888) 466-9433 or (805) 462-9433

Record Book Covers can be purchased from the 4-H Office, for $3.50 each.

Online Record Book (ORB) Resources


You can use the Online Record Book (ORB) to digitally create and maintain your record books and to submit reports for approval.  Project leaders can use ORB to approve reports and maintain contact with their members. While record books always have to be printed out for judging at the County and State level, ORB can help you throughout the year, while also teaching valuable 21st century skills.

For complete information about ORB and how to use it, including tutorial videos, you can access the State 4-H ORB site HERE.  You can also access a series of ORB help videos at the UCCE-San Joaquin ORB help page.

Record Book Forms...

NEW Record Book Information!!!

The 2018-19 edition has no significant changes from the 2017-2018 edition.

All counties in California must be in alignment with the version outlined in the manual; no other supplemental forms or requirements may be used.

The Record Book Manual and Record Book Forms are separate documents. 


Cloverbuds are not required to submit a record book; however it is good practice for members to prepare for becoming a regular member!

Kern County Leader's Council Nominations

Are you interested in sharing your skills on a county-wide level?  You can find all information including how to self nominate, or nominate someone else to run for a countywide position!  NEW!  There are now Teen Countywide Chairperson positions in each respective category!  See the descriptions for more information!!!

Kern County 4-H Leader's Council Nomination Form & Descriptions