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An evaluation of throughput and fuel efficiency of four 850 hp forage harvesters.
Forage Harvesters 2012

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Cotton was produced on 53,000 acres and was the eighth most valuable crop in Kern County exceeding 113 million dollars. Cutting-edge research and extension is paramount to protect the reputation of local cotton as the highest quality cotton in the world. Local advisors work closely with University of California campus and experiment station researchers, specialists and other advisors who bring their expertise to Kern County. These relationships result in real contributions through local adaptive research and Extension teaching.

Examples of Research and Teaching Projects:

  • The supply of water is limited, and water and the energy to move water continue to increase in cost. A variety of research projects are being conducted to improve farm irrigation efficiencies.
  • A valley-wide program is underway for the development of improved cotton varieties for the San Joaquin Valley. Kern County trials continue to be instrumental in varietal development tailored for local cotton growers.
  • Studies are being conducted to evaluate genetically engineered cotton varieties.
  • Research using reduced risk fungicides and insecticides along with Integrated Pest Management practices improves productivity, sustainability and greatly reduces environmental impacts.

  • Studies are being conducted to evaluate new herbicide chemistries for control of weeds such as morning glory and nightshade.

  • Summer production meetings continue to be an important part of outreach efforts.


Brian Marsh, Ph.D.
Cotton, Small Grains, Corn & Silage Farm Advisor