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Agronomy Newsletters
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Wheat Newsletter 2014

2014 Wheat Variety Trial results

Nitrogen Fertilizer Recommendation Based on Early-Spring Chlorophyll Meter Readings

PDF 1/13/15
Wheat Variety Evaluation PDF 2/12/13
Forage Harvester Evaluation 2012 PDF 1/25/13
Forage Harvester Evaluation

Results of a throughput and fuel efficiency comparison of 850 hp harvesters.

PDF 1/9/12
Wheat Newsletter 2011

Results of the 2011 wheat variety trials and nitrogen fertilizer/chlorophyll meter recommendations.

PDF 11/28/11
Critical Times to Avoid Water Stress in Corn PDF 11/28/11
Corn Planting and Early Season Growth PDF 11/28/11
Food Production Around the World PDF 11/28/11
Scheduling the First Irrigation in Cotton PDF 11/28/11
Forage Harvesters 2010 PDF 11/28/11
Cotton Plant Mapping Software PDF 11/28/11
Training Materials PDF 11/28/11
Imported Assassins aka Biological Insect Control PDF 11/28/11
Internship Program PDF 11/28/11
Genetically Modified Crops - Boon or Doom PDF 11/22/11