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Viticulture and Small Fruits

Tian's portrait_ Jan 2021

Tian Tian, PhD, Farm Advisor

titian@ucanr.edu (661) 868-6226

Minerva Gonzalez, Viticulture Laboratory Assistant

mvgonzalez@ucanr.edu (661) 868-6236


The Viticulture Farm Advisor provides a broad based, off-campus education and research program in the fields of viticulture (with an emphasis on table and wine grapes), small fruits production, post-harvest handling, pest/pathogen management, agricultural associations, governmental agencies and homeowners in Kern County. Major duties include providing information to grape growers on the latest and most efficient means of production viticulture through a variety of methods such as newsletters, media, consultations and commodity meetings. Current research includes monitoring and control of Pierce's disease in Kern County, use of rootstocks for table grape production, cultural practices for table grape production and efficacy of pre-harvest fungicides for post-harvest life of table grapes.


Here is a link to Tian's 2021 Grape Day Presentation:  https://ucanr.edu/sites/Kern22/files/355927.pdf