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Vine Mealybug Control in Grapes

Vine Mealybug
Vine mealybug represents a serious threat to grape production in the Central Valley and other portions of the state. This pest has now been identified in isolated location from Arvin in the south to Delano in the north. The efforts of all growers and PCAs to contain the spread of this pest to new locations in Kern County are needed.

Several documents and web sites have been developed to help grape growers and pest control advisors learn about this pest and how to control it.  The following documents are recommended for anybody dealing with this pest.

An overview of vine mealybug in California (186K pdf)-  Newsletter by Jennifer Hashim and David Haviland, January 2003.

Monitoring for vine mealybug with pheromone traps. (176K pdf)- Picture guide for identifying male vine mealybug and using pheromone traps.

Mealybugs in California Vineyards .   A UC Web site maintained by Kent Daane and Walt Bentley at Kearney Ag. Center.

CDFA vine mealybug update (550K pdf)- A report from the Plant Health and Pest Prevention Services of CDFA , March 25, 2003.

CDFA Nursery Advisory (136K pdf)- Nursery advisory from CDFA regarding vine mealybug, January 2003.

UC IPM Web Site.  Management Guidelines for Vine Mealybug in Grape.

Wanted: vine mealybug (398K pdf)- Bilingual field poster to help anybody working in vineyards to identify vine mealybug infestations.  Produced by Mark Battany, Viticulture farm advisor in San Luis Obispo County.  This publication is also available as an 11" by 17" laminated print poster.  Cost is $4 per poster, plus postage.  To order contact Mark Battany, (805) 781-5948, mcbattany@ucdavis.edu.