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SB-88 / SB-589 Water Diversions

Assembly Bill 589 Training Classes

AB 589 (Bigelow): Water diversion: monitoring and reporting training

Senate Bill 88 requires all water right holders - who have previously diverted or intend to divert more than 10 acre-feet per year (including riparian and pre-1914 claims), or are authorized to divert more than 10 acre-feet per year (under a permit, license, or registration) - to measure and report the water they divert.

Assembly Bill 589 allows any diverter, as defined, who has completed a course on measurement devices and methods administered by the University of California Cooperative Extension, including passage of a proficiency test to be considered a "Qualified Individual" who may install and maintain measuring devices or implement methods of measurement that are used for their own annual diversions as required by the California State Water Resources Control Board.


Upcoming training workshops

In-person workshops are canceled due to the Coronavirus outbreak: 

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Please email Khaled Bali at kmbali@ucanr.edu


Stockpond Diversions


In response to inquiries regarding measuring and reporting water diversion for stockponds the following publication and excel spreadsheet were developed. Follow the links below for more information on measuring water diversions for stockponds. The first link is to an article providing background and instructions on a method for measuring stockpond water diversions. The second link is for an excel file where water rights owners can enter measurements for their stockponds. The third link is for an excel file that provides an example of how the blank excel file can be used. The fourth and final link is for a word document that explains how to determine water volume in a pond using a staff gauge.

For questions about this webpage, the article and the excel spreadsheet call Julie at: 661-868-6219 or email: jafinzel@ucanr.edu. For questions about reporting requirements call the California State Water Board at 916-341-5300 or contact your lawyer.

Stockpond Diversions - Background and Instructions

Stockpond Diversion Calculator

Stockpond Diversion Calculator - example

Determining Volume in a Small Pond with a Staff Gauge and Depth-Capacity Curve