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About 4-H...

Hello! Thank you for looking into the Kern County 4-H Program! 

Here are a few little known facts about 4-H.

  • 4-H is geared towards youth between the ages of 5 and 19.
  • 4-H is not expensive - there is only a small annual enrollment fee. You choose your projects and pay for the supplies.  
  • 4-H projects can be anything you want to learn and do - anything can be a 4-H project.
  • 4-H is the largest youth organization in the United States.
  • 4-H is not just for farm kids or those who want to raise an animal.
  • 4-H has been around for 100 years and it still going strong.
  • 4-H is part of the University of California Cooperative Extension program.
  • 4-H joins youth and adults together having fun learning leadership, community service and life skills.

See how 4-H can strengthen your family and your community.

4-H is led by volunteer adults who work with youth in their community to learn and do things. Local clubs are formed in your neighborhood led by the adults and youth who live there. We'll help you get started.


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