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Centennial Celebration

Centennial Celebration - Thursday, August 21, 2014 - Kern Ag Pavilion

PDF 7/14/14
100-Year Agriculture Families PDF 6/4/14
Kern Field Crops August 27, 2012

Alfalfa irrigation and Conservation tillage and Alfalfa Meetings

PDF 8/27/12
Managing Agricultural Nitrogen Meeting 6-18-12 PDF 6/15/12
Informative Workshop on UC Davis SBX2 1 Nitrate PDF 4/24/12
Volume 66, Feb. 2003 Farm Advisor/specialist Approved Pima Variety Trial Yields San Joaquin Valley Cotton Board On-Farm Variety Testing Sacramento Valley Cotton Comparison with the San Joaquin Valley Production Soil Potassium Evaluations and Recommendations PDF 5/31/11
Volume 65, Dec. 2002 Farm Advisor/Specialist Approved Acala Variety Trial Yields California Uplands Advanced Strains Variety Trial Yields Fallow Bed Weed Management Issues and Recommendations Update on Fusarium Wilt Evaluations in the SJV Announcements PDF 8/14/09
Volume 64, July 2002 Sticky Cotton Issues and Commentary Frequently Asked Questions About Sticky Cotton Silverleaf Whitefly Sampling Plans and Management Strategies Aphid Sampling and Management Strategies Resistance Management Recommendations Cultural Practice Recommendations to Reduce Late-Season Problems PDF 2/11/10
Volume 63, June 2002 The Threat of Sticky Cotton - Aphid and Whitefly Management Season Progress in 2002 - Management Issuesand Perspective Fusarium Update Heat Units and Calculating Average Time to Open Bolls Retirement of Dr. Bill Weir (UCCE Farm Advisor - Merced County) PDF 5/31/11
Volume 62, Jan. 2002 Farm Advisor and Specialist Variety Trials in the San Joaquin Valley SJV Cotton Board and Specialist Variety Trials Variety Trial Data on the UCCE Cotton Web Site Winter UCCE Cotton Production Meetings PDF 5/31/11
Volume 61, Dec. 2001 Pre-plant Irrigation in a Water Short Year Double-row 30 Inch Cotton - Field Experiences Seed Treatments with Acala and Upland Cotton - Recent Results Announcements PDF 5/31/11
Volume 60, Aug. 2001 Late Season Irrigation Management Recommendations for Cotton Impacts of Soil Characteristics on Water Management Choices Announcements/Field Days at Shafter and West Side REC PDF 5/31/11
Volume 59, June 2001 2001 Growing Season - Moving Along From a Rough Start Insect Management Recommendations for 2001 Water Management Guidelines in a Tight Water Year Management Impacts on Some Fiber quality Characteristics Announcements / Steve Wright Sabbatical PDF 5/31/11
Volume 58, April 2001 2000 SJV Growing Season Review and Pest Situation Update on Transgenic Cotton Field Performance Yield Performance and Fruit Loss in Some Transgenics Meetings and Field Days PDF 5/31/11
Volume 57, Jan. 2001 Farm Advisor and Specialist Variety Trials in the San Joaquin Valley SJV Cotton Board and Specialist Variety Trials Variety Trial Information / UCCE Cotton Web Site PDF 5/31/11
Volume 56, Aug. 2000 Defoliation of the 2000 California Cotton Crop Insert on "Sticky Cotton: Sources and Solutions" Trends in Pesticide Use and Pesticide Resistance in SJV Cotton The Value of Final Plant Mapping Meetings and Field Days PDF 5/31/11
Volume 55, June 2000 Early Season 2000 - Some problems, but a Much Better Start Managing Lygus Bug in a Regional Context Verticillium Wilt and California Cotton Production Update on Mepiquat Chloride Recommendations Summer Production Meetings and Field Days PDF 5/31/11
Volume 54, April 2000 1999 Season Review Avoiding 2,4-D Injury SJV Cotton Board Acala & Pima Lint Quality Announcements PDF 5/31/11
Volume 53, Jan. 2000 Farm Advisor and Specialist Variety Trials in the San Joaquin Valley Variety Trial Information/UCCE Cotton Web Site Winter Cotton Production Meeting Announcement Conservation Tillage Meeting Announcement PDF 5/31/11