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Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter Updates

A project of the Glassy-winged Sharpshooter Task Force of Kern & Tulare Counties. Participants: Ag Commissioner Offices of Kern & Tulare Counties, CA Dept. of Food & Agriculture, UCCE and USDA.

Issue Articles Type Date Added
October 23, 2006 Nancy Irelan will have her hands full over the next year. Irelan is the new research director for the Pierce’s Disease/Glassy-winged Sharpshooter Board, which is administered by California’s Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). Still getting her bearings since coming on board July 1 . . . PDF 12/2/08
September 15, 2006 - Encouraged by the success of its nursery treatment pilot project for the glassy-winged sharpshooter (GWSS), the California Department of Food and Agriculture wants to add more participants to the program. - San Joaquin County Agricultural Commissioner Scott Hudson likes what he’s seen with CDFA’s nursery treatment pilot project. No GWSS nymphs have emerged on pilot project plants reaching the Northern California county. PDF 11/19/08
August 29, 2006 - Glassy-winged sharpshooter numbers in Arizona continue to rise, with more than 217 adults discovered since the pest reappeared in Sierra Vista in June. In response, Arizona has increased GWSS funding and initiates an external quarantine order - A new infestation of GWSS was discovered July 14 in Santa Clara County, bringing to three the number of south San Jose areas where the sharpshooter has been found. PDF 12/10/08
July 28, 2006 Round-up: GWSS fight continues in the West PDF 5/31/11
July 14, 2006 Arizona declares state of emergency after GWSS reappears near vineyard area PDF 5/31/11
June 7, 2006 With the return of hot weather and heightened sharpshooter activity, University of California researchers Matthew Blua and Richard Redak are ready to study ways to curtail glassy-winged sharpshooter (GWSS) oviposition in plant nurseries. Six months into her new position as manager of the Consolidated Central Valley Table Grape Pest and Disease Control District, Judy Stewart-Leslie is working closely with her board of directors “to get things done for the district and industry.” PDF 5/31/11
May 15, 2006 Dr. Alexander (Sandy) Purcell, one of the world’s leaders in Pierce’s Disease (PD) research, will retire in June from the University of California at Berkeley after 35 years of research on the disease. Efforts are underway to establish a comprehensive area-wide management program for the glassy-winged sharpshooter in Ventura County, GWSS Program Director Beth Stone-Smith told attendees at the 2006 Kern County Grape Pest Management meeting May 4 in Bakersfield. PDF 2/26/08
April 28, 2006 Napa County inspectors this month made their first glassy-winged sharpshooter discoveries of 2006 –- just as county supervisors declared May to be Glassy-winged Sharpshooter Awareness Month. PDF 10/27/08
March 31, 2006 USDA's Beth Stone-Smith reports on area-wide treatment programs for the glassy-winged sharpshooter (GWSS) in Kern and Tulare Counties in 2006. PDF 5/31/11
March 17, 2006 Four counties report GWSS finds this month: Sonoma, Monterey, Santa Clara and San Luis Obispo Counties have all rejected incoming nursery plant shipments in the past two weeks after inspectors found viable glassy-winged sharpshooter (GWSS) egg masses on arrivals from Southern California. PDF 5/31/11
January 25, 2006 - The Table Grape Pest and Disease Control Districts of Kern and Tulare Counties formally consolidated Dec. 20 after receiving the unanimous approval of the Kern County Board of Supervisors. - Judy Stewart-Leslie was named manager of the new Central Valley Table Grape Pest and Disease Control District Jan. 16. PDF 2/26/08
February 17, 2006 -- Scientists are making headway in the quest to learn more about the dispersal characteristics of the glassy-winged sharpshooter (GWSS). -- Also, Gov. Schwarzenegger share the spotlight with California agriculture this week. PDF 5/10/10
December 28, 2005 Looking back at 2005's GWSS headlines PDF 12/8/08
December 12, 2005 Ongoing research is advancing the understanding of Pierce’s Disease and the glassy-winged sharpshooter, California Department of Food and Agriculture official Bob Wynn said in opening comments at the 5th annual Pierce’s Disease Research Symposium last week in San Diego. PDF 5/31/11
November 28, 2005 Population increases of the glassy-winged sharpshooter (GWSS) in the Coachella Valley in the last three years have increased the danger of Pierce’s Disease (PD) occurrence in the area. PDF 2/21/08
November 18, 2005 Five months into the state-managed Nursery Treatment Pilot Project to control glassy-winged sharpshooters (GWSS) in commercial nursery stock, supervisor Greg Morris is cautiously optimistic that its chemical-based protocol is succeeding. PDF 5/31/11
October 28, 2005 Report highlights state's PD, GWSS effforts PDF 3/24/11
October 14, 2005 - California plant nurseries advise Arizona to make GWSS eradication a priority. - GWSS charts tell story of success in Kern, Tulare. - Kern-Tulare Table Grape Control District seeks manager. PDF 11/4/08
September 30, 2005 - Eight glassy-winged sharpshooters and two GWSS egg masses have been discovered in Sierra Vista, Ariz., raising concerns over their potential to harm key portions of the state’s agricultural industry. - Also the Kern-Tulare County Table Grape Pest and Disease Control District is seeking a district manager. PDF 5/31/11
September 16, 2005 GWSS found in Salinas -- Intensive search reveals no other sharpshooters since Sept. 7 find. PDF 5/31/11
September 2, 2005 A parasitoid primer - A closer look at the most important natural enemies of the glassy-winged sharpshooter. PDF 5/31/11
August 19, 2005 Tulare County approves $8 table-grape assessment - Work begins on building table-grape pest control districts in Kern and Tulare Counties. PDF 5/31/11
August 5, 2005 If you have recently viewed the trapping data for the General Beale project or the Northern area, you will undoubtedly agree that the glassy-winged sharpshooter (GWSS) just won’t go away in Kern County. PDF 5/31/11
July 22, 2005 As California swelters in an intense heat wave, here’s a quick look at various glassy-winged sharpshooter (GWSS) activities across the state. PDF 5/31/11
June 24, 2005 Kern passes $8-per-acre assessment for Table Grape Control District PDF 3/4/08
July 8, 2005 Building a barrier to GWSS PDF 5/31/11
June 10, 2005 New ally enters fight against GWSS PDF 2/10/10
May 27, 2005 New nursery inspection pilot program gets underway PDF 9/9/09
May 13, 2005 Spring GWSS treatments begin in four-county area PDF 5/31/11
April 29, 2005 Grape growers to vote in May on state, district funding programs for GWSS, PD PDF 12/11/07
April 15, 2005 New parasitic wasp nears release-permitting approval PDF 7/1/10
April 1, 2005 Kern, Tulare table-grape pest control districts elect officers, propose $8 per-acre assessment PDF 5/31/11
March 18, 2005 Napa finds third GWSS egg mass on nursery plant PDF 5/31/11
March 4, 2005 Table grape district petitions head to Kern, Tulare boards of supervisors PDF 10/24/08
February 18, 2005 Pilot program to give new GWSS nursery protocol the real-world test PDF 5/31/11
February 4, 2005 USDA Director reports 2005 plans for GWSS area-wide program PDF 5/31/11
January 21, 2005 Winter weather brings good and bad to state's GWSS areas PDF 5/31/11
December 31, 2004 2004 efforts kept PD, GWSS in check PDF 5/31/11
December 17, 2004 Beyond GWSS: Other pests threaten California grape production PDF 5/31/11
December 2, 2004 Table grape industry assesses new law on pest control districts, referendum Bush Taps Nebraska Governor For Ag Secretary PDF 5/31/11
November 19, 2004 Kern citrus harvest reveals no GWSS movement so far this season USDA names Stone-Smith new GWSS program director PDF 5/31/11
November 4, 2004 Ventura County wraps up GWSS treatment season PDF 5/31/11
October 22, 2004 Temecula Valley's PD concerns escalate with increasing GWSS levels PDF 5/31/11
October 7, 2004 Solano County continues to pursue GWSS PDF 5/31/11
September 24, 2004 Goodbye to GWSS leader: USDA's Lloyd Wendel to retire Oct. 1 PDF 6/11/08
September 17, 2004 On the trail of strains of Xylella fastidiosa - an essential part of the Pierce's disease cycle PDF 5/31/11
September 10, 2004 Ventura County nurseries increase participation in GWSS treatment reimbursement program PDF 5/31/11
September 3, 2004 Tulare County mails reimbursement checks to citrus growers for GWSS spring treatments ATVs stolen from UCCE offices in Bakersfield PDF 5/31/11
August 27, 2004 Follow correct PD sampling protocol GWSS recently discovered in Hawaii PDF 5/31/11
August 23, 2004 Researchers follow Xylella pathways (This is an author-revised version of the article published Aug. 6, 2004.) PDF 5/31/11
August 20, 2004 Kern County's yearly PD monitoring and control project set for late August PDF 5/31/11
July 30, 2004 Kern's trapping program represents front line of defense against GWSS PDF 5/31/11
July 23, 2004 PDF 5/31/11
July 16, 2004 Tulare County waits to see effects of summer GWSS treatments PDF 5/31/11
July 9, 2004 Kern County hopes for repeat success with its bulk grape movement program PDF 6/12/08
July 2, 2004 Solano County jumps into action after GWSS infestation is discovered in Vacaville PDF 5/31/11
June 25, 2004 Researchers find combination of neonicotinoids and kaolin film provides best protection against GWSS PDF 5/31/11
June 11, 2004 California's plant nursery industry remains heavily involved in GWSS fight PDF 5/31/11
June 4, 2004 Tall screen barriers show promise in reducing GWSS entry into plant nurseries PDF 5/31/11
May 28, 2004 Parlier unit studies wide range of xylellae diseases PDF 4/3/08
May 14, 2004 Tulare County approaches Admire treatment deadline PDF 5/31/11
April 30, 2004 GWSS biological control program moves into improved facilities near Arvin PDF 5/31/11
April 23, 2004 Researchers look for Xylella in common weeds PDF 5/31/11
March 26, 2004 Tulare County begins Admire treatments in Citrus PDF 5/31/11
March 12, 2004 Integrating Admire treatments for GWSS with citrus IPM PDF 6/16/09
March 5, 2004 Research shows GWSS have their urban preferences PDF 9/25/08
February 20, 2004 PMA gears up for spring GWSS treatments in Tulare Co. PDF 5/31/11
February 13, 2004 GWSS can negatively affect orange groves PDF 5/31/11
January 23, 2004 Ventura County succeeds in 2003's GWSS efforts PDF 2/5/08
January 16, 2004 Tulare County pursues GWSS in 2004 with broad industry cooperation PDF 5/31/11
January 9, 2004 New GWSS greenhouse facility to open in Arvin PDF 5/31/11
December 19, 2003 Kern research projects increase knowledge of PD control, management practices, epidemiology PDF 5/31/11
December 12, 2003 Progress seen in understanding PD in Coachella Valley PDF 5/31/11
December 5, 2003 Table grape growers urged to sign and return petition for GWSS pest control districts immediately PDF 5/31/11
November 21, 2003 GWSS eradicated in Butte County's Chico area Treatment authorizations slow in tulare County PD Research Symposium set for Dec. 9-11 PDF 5/31/11
November 14, 2003 Almond Leaf Scorch, almond version of Pierce's Disease, increasing in Kern County PDF 5/31/11
November 7, 2003 Guidelines offer ways to prevent the spread of GWSS during citrus harvest Kawamura to head CDFA PDF 8/24/09
October 31, 2003 Tulare Co. and PMA secure GWSS treatment authorizations for 30,400 acres CDFA Secretary Lyons optimistic about GWSS and PD PDF 5/31/11
October 24, 2003 Efforts progress to establish Table Grape Pest and Disease Control Districts in Kern and Tulare Counties PDF 5/31/11
October 17, 2003 Research explores use of transgenic bacterium to combat Pierce's Disease PDF 5/31/11
October 10, 2003 Vineyard survey notes summer symptoms of Pierce's Disease visible across all grape varieties PDF 11/23/09
October 3, 2003 Tulare County begins coordinated foliar GWSS treatments Final GWSS citrus meeting to discuss treatments on pest management practices set for Monday in Indio PDF 5/31/11
September 26, 2003 Area-wide Pest Management Program demonstrates success in reducing GWSS populations GWSS-citrus meetings to discuss impacts of treatments on citrus pest management practices PDF 5/31/11
September 19, 2003 GWSS biocontrol control program remains active PDF 5/31/11
September 12, 2003 Protect the vedalia beetle while controlling cottony cushion scale and GWSS with properly timed Admire and Assail citrus treatments PDF 5/31/11
September 5, 2003 Governor signs bill to allow formation of GWSS-PD pest management districts for table grape growers PDF 5/31/11
August 29, 2003 Ventura County remains vigilant in anti-GWSS efforts Find GWSS trapping results online PDF 5/31/11
August 22, 2003 Coachella Valley grape growers find Admire study in area's commercial vineyards PDF 5/31/11
August 15, 2003 Researchers study alternate plants hosts of the PD bacterium, Xylella fastidiosa, in the Central Valley PDF 5/31/11
August 8, 2003 Overview: Riverside County's areawide GWSS Programs PDF 5/31/11
August 1, 2003 Tulare County focuses on monitoring, treating GWSS PDF 5/31/11
July 26, 2003 Pilot project studies field efficacy of GWSS parasitoids PDF 5/31/11
July 18, 2003 GWSS-PD battle gets $22 million in federal funds Surround use in citrus increases California red scale PDF 5/31/11
July 11, 2003 Cooperative efforts help yield significant progress against GWSS in commercial crops PDF 5/31/11
June 16, 2003 State Senate approves GWSS pest control district bill Tulare County treats Porterville; plans biocontrol study PDF 5/31/11
June 6, 2003 A surprise: Traps detect only low levels of GWSS in urban Bakersfield so far in 2003 PDF 5/31/11
May 30, 2003 Bill to create GWSS pest control districts awaits approval PDF 5/31/11
May 16, 2003 Tulare County to begin urban GWSS treatments PDF 5/31/11
May 9, 2003 Riverside GWSS Biocontrol Facility expansion approved Seasonal update on GWSS treatments, trapping, bulk citrus movement PDF 5/31/11
May 2, 2003 A successful role model: Kern's GWSS Pilot Project PDF 5/31/11
April 25, 2003 Coachella Valley keeps PD levels down, remains vigilant Tulare County sets traps in quarantined area April 25 signals 75% petal fall in Kern County; lifts restrictions on certain pesticides PDF 5/31/11
April 18, 2003 Ventura County gears up for busy anti-GWSS season Still time to register for GWSS/PD workshop CDFA's PD/GWSS Board to meet May 6 PDF 5/31/11
April 11, 2003 Spring means monitoring vineyards for PD symptoms Summary of the Pierce's Disease survey effort in Kern County PDF 5/31/11
April 4, 2003 Free leafhopper tape available from Kern Ag Commissioner's office Kern sets April 3 as citrus bloom date for areas north of 7th Standard Road PDF 5/31/11
March 28, 2003 Kern sets April 1 as citrus bloom date for areas south of 7th Standard Road GWSS/PD workshop held April 22 in Napa PDF 5/31/11
March 21, 2003 IPM program using parasitoid-inoculated plants to begin next week near Bakersfield PDF 5/31/11
March 7, 2003 Reminder: Kern's GWSS area-wide applications must be authorized to qualify for reimbursement Final two CDFA PD update sessions remain PDF 5/31/11
February 28, 2003 CDFA to hold PD/GWSS update meetings GWSS/PD workshop set for April 22 in Napa Tulare County makes GWSS finds in early-season traps Researchers evaluate fate of Xyllela fastidiosa in Central Valley weeds PDF 5/31/11
February 15, 2003 General Beale pilot project expands scope with new emphasis on parasitoid releases in citrus groves PDF 5/31/11
February 8, 2003 Plans set for 2003 Area-wide GWSS Management Program for Kern County Tulare starts all-important GWSS trapping program PDF 5/31/11
February 1, 2003 Kern's GWSS Area-wide Program reviewed at Symposium GWSS meeting for Kern's grape, citrus growers set for Feb. 3 PDF 5/31/11
January 27, 2003 Tulare's GWSS observations show importance of weed-free areas next to grape and citrus Researchers share alternatives to conventional insecticides for GWSS control at PD Symposium PDF 5/31/11
January 11, 2003 Coachella Valley's GWSS levels increased in 2002 Tulare County sees GWSS numbers fall from last year PDF 5/31/11
December 7, 2002 Monitoring vineyards for GWSS is paramount Merit 75WP progressing with DPR for use on windbreaks Citrus harvest running smoothly in Kern County Find GWSS program maps online PDF 5/31/11
November 23, 2002 Concentration levels of imidacloprid tested on GWSS Tulare County handles new regulations during citrus harvest and shipping PDF 5/31/11
November 16, 2002 Imidacloprid proves its worth in reducing GWSS levels PDF 5/31/11
November 9, 2002 A review of the 2002 Pierce's Disease Monitoring and Control Project PDF 5/31/11
November 2, 2002 Fresno, Tulare counties implement Kern's 72-hour picking notice to help ensure GWSS-free shipments More GWSS finds, new 72-hour picking notice keep Tulare County ag officials busy Free living population of GWSS natural enemy, G. triguttatus, found in Kern County citrus grove PDF 5/31/11
October 25, 2002 Zeroing in on GWSS infestations, control in Kern Inspect containers, clothing, vehicles for GWSS during citrus harvest CDFA shares Highway 65 data of GWSS in citrus PDF 5/31/11
October 19, 2002 Tulare County experiments with Evergreen treatment as citrus harvest gears up; meets with residents to discuss Woodville plans Shake out those citrus picking bags PDF 5/31/11
October 12, 2002 Summer's buffer zone treatments in Highway 65 area suppressed GWSS spread and increased knowledge Tulare County to treat Woodville Labor Camp for GWSS PDF 5/31/11
October 5, 2002 Pierce's Disease monitoring project moves north to Delano and Highway 65 sites Table shows GWSS urban numbers rise during summer PDF 5/31/11
September 28, 2002 Tulare County continues to pursue GWSS A closer look at Kern County's GWSS/PD activities PDF 5/31/11
September 21, 2002 Preventing the spread of GWSS curing citrus harvest Kern's ag dept. processing application reimbursements PDF 5/31/11
September 6, 2002 PDF 5/31/11
August 30, 2002 Overview of Area Wide GWSS Management Program PDF 5/31/11
August 24, 2002 GWSS project steering committee formed Kern County Pilot and Area Wide Management Projects PDF 5/31/11
August 17, 2002 Good News: GWSS virtually gone from Kern's Pilot Project CDFA expands GWSS monitoring in Kern County PDF 12/27/07
August 3, 2002 GWSS presence grows in Tulare County GWSS counts in General Beale Pilot Project and Northern Zone remain low Zoning in on GWSS management areas PDF 12/27/07
July 26, 2002 GWSS meeting set for July 31 in Delano Pierce's Disease monitoring and control project resumes in Kern County for 2002 Kern's ag officials regulate bulk grape movement It's important to follow proper PD sampling protocol Find GWSS program maps online PDF 5/31/11
July 20, 2002 Tulare County treats urban areas for GWSS; more treatments planned with new GWSS finds in citrus Program development underway north of Bakersfield; coordinator Larry Liggett hired PDF 12/27/07
July 13, 2002 Kern suspends citrus movement from Ventura County Bulk Citrus Subcommittee to meet in Kern Comparing 2001 and 2002 experiments of Admire uptake into citrus: Irrigation schedule is key PDF 12/27/07
July 5, 2002 What's new in GWSS trapping? GWSS finds in Northern Zone result in foliar treatments Contact Kern's Rob Wegis with GWSS finds in the Delano area PDF 12/27/07
June 28, 2002 GWSS monitoring program begins in Delano area PDF 5/31/11
June 15, 2002 Mission, Texas station makes progress in rearing new species of GWSS natural enemies New e-mail address for Kern's ag department PDF 12/27/07
June 8, 2002 All-grower meeting set for June 11 in Delano Tulare County resumes GWSS control program PDF 12/27/07
June 1, 2002 Northern Zone sees expanded activity in Kern's GWSS Area-wide Management Program Kern-Tulare GWSS Task Force to meet June 5 PDF 5/31/11
May 25, 2002 GWSS program activity increases along Highway 65 PDF 5/31/11
May 18, 2002 Biocontrol program poised to surpass last year's efforts Kern County pilot project monitors citrus red mites, other secondary pests PDF 12/27/07
May 11, 2002 GWSS experts assert efficiency of yellow sticky traps Kern's GWSS management program collects trap data PDF 12/27/07
May 3, 2002 GWSS management consideration for grapes Program for vineyard management when PD is present in the vineyard PDF 11/1/10
April 27, 2002 PDF 1/2/08
April 20, 2002 Spring symptoms of Pierce's Disease now visible in hotspots Kern County lifts citrus application restrictions with announcements of 75 percent petal fall Draft EIR on PD program to be held in Tulare 4/30 PDF 5/31/11
April 13, 2002 April 23 meeting will review CDFA's PD Grapevine Loss Assistance Program North zone citrus receives foliar knockdown treatment GWSS parasitoid work begins for 2002 season PDF 10/29/10
April 6, 2002 Kern grape growers may receive financial compensation under CDFA's PD Grapevine Loss Assistance Program Compliance agreements expected soon CDFA to use bar code scanners for collecting GWSS data GWSS-rearing activities reach eighth generation in Texas Rearing GWSS' natural enemies PDF 12/27/07
March 30, 2002 Kern's citrus bloom data declared for April 2 Traps deployed in all four zones of area-wide GWSS management program PDF 5/31/11
March 23, 2002 Kern County's citrus bloom declaration expected in late March or early April - if history holds Spring's arrival sees GWSS beginning to lay eggs Refining the beat net sampling method PDF 5/31/11
March 16, 2002 Kern pilot project's 2001 accomplishments highlighted PD affects California with costly economic impact California grape figures PDF 5/31/11
March 9, 2002 Kern County's area-wide management program progresses Successful Kern GWSS pilot project enters second year PDF 5/31/11
March 2, 2002 Plans take shape for second year of Kern's pilot project PDF 6/18/08
February 16, 2002 GWSS management program to be implemented in Kern Research shows GWSS attracted to yellow traps PDF 5/31/11
February 9, 2002 Studies show severe pruning won't eliminate PD One year later: Comparison of management efforts PDF 5/31/11
February 2, 2002 Blocking GWSS feeding restricts spread of PD pathogen PDF 5/31/11
January 11, 2002 Dormant application of Surround Vineyard weed control serves as a key component in Pierce's Disease control program GWSS numbers register very low in pilot project area PDF 5/31/11
December 1, 2001 Time is running out to collect and submit PD samples; Dec. 10 is the deadline More lessons learned from General Beale Pilot Project: Untreated areas draw GWSS to treated sites Bena Road GWSS populations reach very low levels GWSS counts increase in pilot project stonefruit PDF 5/31/11
November 17, 2001 More lessons learned from General Beale Pilot Project: Elevation and control timing are key to GWSS GWSS numbers in Bena Road area drop with colder weather and recent treatments Monitoring activities will continue in General Beale, Bena Road Areas GWSS numbers at lowest level in recent years in General Beale Road area PDF 5/31/11
November 10, 2001 Lessons learned from the General Beale Pilot Project Tulare County continues to treat infected properties Post-treatment levels in Bena Road show GWSS drop PDF 5/31/11
November 2, 2001 Successful bulk grape movement program winds down in Kern; bulk citrus movement gears up to prevent PD spread GWSS numbers drop after Bena Road crops treated with Evergreen PDF 5/31/11
October 27, 2001 Higher GWSS counts found on Bena Road's east side traps Tulare County focuses on urban areas, citrus shipments Counts reveal low numbers of egg-laying GWSS, nymphs Find GWSS and PD photos online Fewer groves in Bena Road to receive second treatment Stop PD early PDF 5/31/11
October 20, 2001 GWSS adult numbers in General Beale area remain flat Trend shows continuing decrease in adult GWSS Parasitoid releases continue; Ventura recoveries positive sign PDF 8/20/09
October 13, 2001 PD presence in Kern requires removal of infected vines Post-harvest Surround treatment expels GWSS Find Pierce'd Disease information, photos GWSS counts in General Beale Road drop in grapes, increase in citrus and cherries PDF 5/31/11
October 6, 2001 Citrus grove treatments for GWSS range from single knockdown to coordinated area-wide efforts Important bulk citrus movement meeting set Adult GWSS not in egg-laying mode; nymphs scarce TulareCounty continues GWSS survey Bena Road citrus groves to receive second treatment View sticky-trap maps online PDF 5/31/11
September 29, 2001 New hires for CDFA State PD Task Force to meet Tulare County prepares to treat areas for GWSS Pulley-trap data show highest numbers of GWSS in Beneral Beale Road area near organic grapes Almond leaf scorch surveys produce negative test results in General Beale area but positive in McFarland GWSS goes on display at Kern County Fair PDF 10/22/10
September 22, 2001 State PD Task Force to Meet GWSS goes on display at Kern County Fair View sticky-trap maps on line Limited acreage in pilot project still problematic GWSS gradually decreasing in Bena Road area PDF 5/31/11
September 15, 2001 Search for almond leaf scorch begins in pilot project Timing treatments in the Bena Road area Some areas in General Beale Road area remain problematic Tulare County to survey quanantined areas GWSS numbers decline sharply in pilot project Staff changes made at CDFA PDF 5/31/11
September 8, 2001 Pilot project tour planned Citrus bulk movement meeting set Stop PD early Treatments made in Bena Road citrus groves Survey for almond leaf scorch underway in General Beale Road area PDF 5/31/11
September 1, 2001 PD monitoring in Kern County: Growers advised to be vigilant and pull out diseased vines PDF 5/31/11
August 25, 2001 GWSS survey begins next week on Hwy. 65 PD survey expanded in pilot project area Bena Road adult GWSS decline; yellow sticky traps support field observations PDF 5/31/11
August 18, 2001 Parasitoid releases in Kern: So far, so good Bena Road traps indicate directional movement of GWSS PDF 5/31/11
August 11, 2001 PD monitoring continues in pilot project Bena Road pilot project crops remain under observation PDF 5/31/11
August 4, 2001 Bulk grape shipments must follow GWSS protocol Treatments completed in Bena Road citrus General Beale windbreak treatments revisited PDF 5/31/11
July 28, 2001 Gov. Davis signs GWSS assessment legislation Treatments for GWSS continue in Bena Road citrus CDFA monitors GWSS in General Bealr Road windbreaks PDF 5/31/11
July 21, 2001 Pierce's Disease monitoring imperative Monitoring results encouraging for July Comparing GWSS trap captures in windbreaks of General Beale and Bena Road areas Treatments to begin in Bena Road area PDF 5/31/11