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Nutrition, Family and Consumer Science

Hawau Bojuwon
Nutrition, Family & Consumer Science

The number of Kern County households is increasing on an annual basis, presently numbering over 182,000. Each of these households has multiple consumer concerns. One advisor is assigned to the NFCS program which stresses practical information for families including:


Food Safety
Family Nutrition
Money Management
Food Preparation and Preservation


  In addition to working with individual consumers, the advisor, using a "Train the Trainer" model, instructs professionals, government agency staff, and community volunteers on how to conduct a broad array of family and consumer education programs. These include money management, parenting, lead poisoning prevention, and family literacy.

  An Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) is directed at those families near and below the poverty income level. The Adult EFNEP program teaches multiple sessions which cover family nutrition, food preparation, and shopping skills. The Youth EFNEP program provides nutrition curriculum and training to schools serving low-income children.

  The NFCS Advisor also answers questions regarding food safety and food preservation. Educational programs reach targeted audiences through meetings, workshops, seminars, symposia, newsletters and mass media.