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CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE Kern

CalFresh Healthy Living the University of California (CFHL, UC), Kern County


CFHL-UC teach people eligible for SNAP about good nutrition, how to make their food dollars stretch further, and how to be physically active at any age.  Effective, evidenced-based nutrition education and physical activity classes are aligned with policy, systems and environmental change strategies to create long lasting community change. Our mission is to inspire and empower under-served Californians to improve their health by promoting awareness, education, and community change through diverse partnerships, resulting in healthy eating and active living.

Evidenced based curriculums used:

  • Plan, Shop, Save and Cook (PSSC) - helps you learn how to plan meals for your family and write shopping lists to save money and time. Learn to choose foods that are the most nutritious and that fit within your budget. Learn techniques to lower your food bill and stretch your money. Learn how to use unit pricing, review bulk and generic products, and how to keep your food safe to prevent waste and spoilage. Discover tips to help you plan nutritious meals for an entire week and taste a healthy, low-cost recipe.
  • Making Every Dollar Count (MEDC) - the program gives you the tools you need to help you gain control of your money.
  • Healthy, Happy Families (HHF) - a curriculum designed to supplement a nutrition education program for parents. The curriculum is composed of four mini-lessons to help parents promote healthy eating habits in preschool-aged children.   
  • Eat Healthy, Be Active Community (EHBA) Workshops - is based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010and 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. The series builds on concepts by providing detailed tips for how to put recommended behaviors into practice. The workshops are designed to move participants from the "thinking" phase to taking desired health actions.
  • Coordinated Approach to Child Health Early Child Education - designed to nurture a love of physical activity, introduce classroom-based gardening and nutrition, and encourage healthy eating in children ages 3-5.

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Beatriz Rojas - Nutrition Supervisor
661-868-6214 / barojas@ucanr.edu

Bea Ramirez - Nutrition Educator
661-868-6234 / bearamirez@ucanr.edu

Cecilia Ramos- Nutrition Educator

661-868-6217/ cecramos@ucanr.edu


California's CalFresh Healthy Living, with funding from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – USDA SNAP, produced this material. These institutions are equal opportunity providers and employers. For important nutrition information, visit the CalFresh Healthy Living website. 

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