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Expanded Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)

Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program


Youth Curriculums:

  • Happy Healthy Me (Kinder) - is a nutrition and literacy curriculum that helps children become aware of food and nutrition by reading storybooks with food-related themes and then participating in hands-on nutrition education and physical activities.
  • My Amazing Body (1st grade) - a nutrition curriculum that helps students learn about the amazing things their body can do and explore how they can keep their amazing bodies healthy through eating nutrient-rich foods, getting plenty of exercise and sleep, and practicing good hygiene.
  • Good for Me and You (2nd grade) - a nutrition curriculum for students to explore what is good for a healthy body and lifestyle, study My Plate, and are introduced to the concept of nutrients and what they do for their bodies. They learn that eating breakfast every day, drinking healthy beverages, exercising and keeping foods safe to eat all are good for their body.
  • It's My Choice...Eat Right! Be Active! (3rd grade) - is a nutrition curriculum that helps students examine the key nutrients provided by each of the five food groups of MyPlate and learn how to make healthy choices. They identify how vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and proteins provide the essential building blocks needed for good health.
  • Nutrition to Grow On (4-6th grade) - to teach children and their families about nutrition by relating each lesson to a garden activity. The curriculum uses the garden to integrate disciplines, including science, mathematics, language arts, history, environmental studies, nutrition and health, while reinforcing the California academic content standards.
  • EatFit (Jr High) - teach students to set goals to establish the personal health habits appropriate to the changing needs of adolescence. Students explore and practice the skills necessary for a physically active lifestyle and healthy food choices.
  • Hunger Attack! (9-12th grade) - a curriculum designed to teach teens that the food they buy not only affects the amount of money they spend, but can also affect their health

   Adult Curriculums:

  • Eating Smart, Being Active- Nutrition education and obesity prevention curriculum
  • 100% at Home

UC Delivers:

Beatriz Rojas - Nutrition Supervisor
661-868-6214 / barojas@ucanr.edu

Bea Ramirez - Nutrition Educator
661-868-6234 / bearamirez@ucanr.edu