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Gray Ant Research in Table Grapes

Control of the Native Gray 'Field' Ant, Formica Aerata, in Table Grapes n Kern County


Native gray ants are considered disruptive to mealybugs in table grapes.  Growers wanting to achieve ant control have few options because most bait products are formulated for protein-feeding ants (like fire ants) whereas ants that tend mealybugs feed primarily on sugars.  The purpose of this trial was to see if we could get protein-based ant baits to be effective against a sugar-feeding ant.

In 2013 and 2014 we found that none of the treatments provided a level of control that would justify their use commercially in table grapes, and that at best, some of the ant baits might have reduced the density of foraging ants for a few days (Click Here or see link below for for full report).




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