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4-H Forms and Resources

Officer's Manuals...
Food Safety Training ONLINE!

The State 4-H Office requires that every club have at least one 4-H leader trained in Food Safety.  The more leaders in your club that are certified, the more convenient it is for your club. It is required that a certified volunteer is to be present at all bake sales/food booths to make sure proper food safety guidelines are handled.  Food Safety trainings are available anytime online!  Please visit the website below, and use the provided sign-in/user information:

Website: http://ucanr.edu/sites/MISKIS/
Username: miskis
Password: makeitsafe_1234

4-H Attire...

Click here to see a sample photo of proper
4-H hat etiquette.
*Please see the notes as there are a couple variations from county to county.

4-H supplies may be purchased from some local feed stores in Kern County or you may order from:

National 4-H Supply Service
(301) 961-2934

Leslie Carman 4-H Club Supplies (hats, ties, collars)

(888) 466-9433 or (805) 462-9433

Record Book Covers can be purchased from the 4-H Office, for $3.50 each.

Record Book Forms...

NEW Record Book Information!!!

All counties in California must be in alignment with the version outlined in the manual; no other supplemental forms or requirements may be used.

The Record Book Manual and Record Book Forms are separate documents. 


Cloverbuds are not required to submit a record book; however it is good practice for members to prepare for becoming a regular member!