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4-H Network Newsletter

Issue Articles Type Date Added
4-H Network May 2024 PDF 5/1/24
4-H Network April 2024 PDF 4/1/24
4-H Network March 2024 PDF 3/4/24
  • Join up for KC's Farm Camps 
  • March, April, and June 
  • See attached flier for more information
JPG 2/20/24
4-H Network February 2024 PDF 2/1/24
4-H Network January 2024 PDF 1/8/24
4-H Network December 2023 PDF 12/1/23
4-H Network November 2023 PDF 10/31/23
After Fair Meeting October 17th
  • Kern County 4-H After Fair Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 17th at 6:00 pm in the UCCE Kern County Conference Room
  • See attached for information 
PDF 10/3/23
4-H Network October 2023
  • Important information in this edition of 4-H Network Newsletter regarding 4-H Council Officer nominations 
PDF 9/27/23
4-H Network September 2023 PDF 9/7/23
Kern County 4-H Call for Nominations
  • 2023-24 Leader Council Election
  • See attached for link to submit nominations
PDF 9/6/23
4-H Network August 2023 PDF 7/31/23
4-H Network July 2023 PDF 7/10/23
Kern County 4-H Fireworks
  • No 4-H Council Fireworks Booth this year
  • Please see flyer for additional information
PDF 6/27/23
4-H Network June 2023 PDF 6/1/23
Kern County 4-H Livestock Clinic
  • Livestock Clinic at the Kern County Fairgrounds
  • Saturday, May 20th at 10:00am
  • See attached for details
  • Please note-not a UCANR sanctioned event
JPG 5/8/23
4-H Network May 2023 PDF 5/2/23
4-H Network April 2023 PDF 4/10/23
4-H Network March 2023 PDF 3/1/23
4-H Network February 2023 PDF 2/1/23
4-H Network January 2023 PDF 1/4/23
4-H Network December 2022 PDF 12/1/22
4-H Network November 2022 PDF 11/1/22
4-H Network October 2022 PDF 10/3/22
4-H Network September 2022 PDF 9/6/22
  • See attached for upcoming events 
PDF 8/30/22
4-H Network August 2022 PDF 8/2/22
PDF 7/28/22
4-H Poultry Show & Showmanship Day
  • August 13, 2022
  • Kern County Fairgrounds Livestock Pavilion
  • See attached flyer and entry form
PDF 7/11/22
4-H Network July 2022 PDF 7/1/22
Support Kern County 4-H Council Fireworks Stand
JPG 6/28/22
Final Medal Testing
  • Final 2021-2022 Medal Testing
  • June 27th at 5:30pm
  • See attached flyer
PDF 6/22/22
4-H Network June 2022 PDF 6/2/22
YQCA Training
  • YQCA In-Person Training
  • June 11th at the Kern Ag Pavilion 
  • See attached for more information
PDF 5/31/22
4-H Network May 2022 PDF 5/2/22
4-H Network April 2022 PDF 4/1/22
4-H Network March 2022 PDF 3/1/22
4-H Network February 2022 PDF 2/1/22
4-H Network January 2022 PDF 1/6/22
Project Medal Testing
  • Monday, January 10, 2022
  • UCCE Kern County Conference Room
  • 5:00pm - 6:30pm
PDF 1/4/22
4-H Network December 2021 PDF 12/6/21
4-H Network November 2021 PDF 11/3/21
4-H Network October 2021
PDF 10/5/21
County Fair Animals Photo Contest
  • All 4-H are encouraged to enter a picture of their animal - See attached for link to enter contest! 
PDF 9/13/21
4-H Network September 2021 PDF 9/1/21
4-H Network August 2021 PDF 8/2/21
4-H Network July 2021 PDF 7/2/21
4-H Network June 2021 PDF 6/1/21
4-H Network May 2021 PDF 5/3/21
4-H Network April 2021 PDF 4/1/21
Virtual Family Magic Show
  • Join Kern County 4-H for a Virtual Family Magic Show
  • Friday, March 19th at 7:00pm
  • Register Today!
PNG 3/15/21
4-H Network March 2021 PDF 3/2/21
4-H Network February 2021 PDF 2/1/21
4-H Network January 2021 PDF 1/7/21
4-H Network December 2020 PDF 12/1/20
  • The Countdown to #Giving Tuesday Is On!
  • Join us on Tuesday, December 1
  • See attached for more information and link 
PDF 11/24/20
4-H Network November 2020 PDF 11/2/20
4-H Network October 2020 PDF 10/2/20
4-H Network September 2020 PDF 9/1/20
4-H Network August 2020 PDF 8/12/20
4-H Network July 2020 PDF 7/7/20
PDF 6/5/20
4-H Network June 2020 PDF 5/29/20
  • JUNE 5, 2020
  • Support 4-H!
PDF 5/29/20
Virtual English Field Day
  • Virtual Field Day for all 4-H Horse Project Members
  • Online entries due May 25th
  • See attached for information and links!
PDF 5/14/20
4-H Network May 2020 PDF 5/5/20
Kern County Presentation Day Goes Virtual
  • Sign up for the Virtual County Presentation Day
  • See attached for link and time slots for participants
PDF 4/13/20
Online Learning with 4-H and Project Learning Tree
  • Are you in 5th-8th grade and looking for something new that can expand your learning experiences?
  • We have a new program that might be just what you are looking for!
  • See attached for more information to get outside and explore!   
PDF 4/8/20
4-H Network April 2020 PDF 4/3/20
  • Now Accepting Scholarships
  • Deadline is April 15th
  • See attached for application link
PDF 3/17/20
COVID-19 Update
PDF 3/17/20
4-H Network March 2020 PDF 3/3/20
4-H Network February 2020 PDF 2/5/20
Master Food Preserver Program
  • Scholarships offered for training opportunity to become a Master Food Preserver through University of California Cooperative Extension
  • See attached flyer for more information and application links
PDF 1/10/20
4-H Network January 2020 PDF 1/2/20
4-H Network December 2019 PDF 12/2/19
4-H Network November 2019 PDF 10/31/19
4-H Network October 2019 PDF 9/27/19
4-H Network September 2019 PDF 8/30/19
4-H Network August 2019 PDF 8/5/19
4-H Network July 2019 PDF 7/1/19
  • Thank you for your generosity and supporting Kern County 4-H
  • See attached information with link to continue giving today!  
PDF 6/6/19
Big Dig Day
  • UC ANR Kern County 4-H Big Dig Day
  • Dig Deep and help Kern County 4-H
PDF 6/5/19
4-H Network June 2019 PDF 6/4/19
Big Dig Day of Giving
  • UC Agriculture and Natural Resources Kern County Statewide Giving Day! Join us on June 5th
PDF 5/29/19
Kern County Young Farmers and Ranchers Ag Grants for 4-H and FFA

Kern County Young Farmers and Ranchers would like to start giving out grants to deserving 4-H and FFA exhibitors to help them with their projects. This year we have $1,500 to give out. The number of grants given and their amounts will be determined based on the quantity and quality of applicants.

See attached grant application. 

PDF 5/22/19
Round Up Feed - Show Feed Clinic
  • Show Feed Clinic at Round Up Feed & Pet Supply
  • Saturday, May 18, 2019
  • See attached flyer (Not a UC Event)





PDF 5/13/19
4-H Network May 2019 PDF 5/1/19
PDF 4/2/19
4-H Network April 2019 PDF 4/1/19
4-H Network March 2019 PDF 2/28/19
4-H Network February 2019 PDF 1/31/19
Important Notice Regarding Virulent Newcastle Disease
  • See attached notice from CDFA State Veterinarian
PDF 1/25/19
4-H Network January 2019 PDF 1/3/19
Kern County Cares Canned Food Drive for Gleaners
  • Kern County Cares! Canned Food Drive
  • Win a Pizza Party for your club
  • Please help the UCCE Kern Office Contribute to the Gleaners
  • See attached flyer and suggestions for food donations
PDF 12/19/18
Golden Empire Gleaners Food Drive Community Service Project

Kern County Cares! Gleaners Canned Food Drive

Canned and Non-perishable food drive to benefit Golden Empire Gleaners

Pizza Party Contest with Bragging Rights

It is that time of year again to collect non-perishable food for the Gleaners. Clean out your cupboards, take a trip to Walmart, but do your best to bring in many pounds of food to ease hunger in Kern County. Bring your donation to the extension office by or before December 21st.  We will weigh it and have you fill out a paper candy cane to show the world that you care.  My goal is to cover Gordon's window with candy canes.  The club who brings in the most food (by weight) will get bragging rights and certificates for 4 large carry out pizzas from Santa Barbara Pizza.  Depending on the size of your club this will be at least a start to a fun pizza party.  Remember that this is considered a community service and you can record it in your record book.  Teenage members need to do a little more than just participate to get credit.  They can do the organizational part for your club.  They can get the younger members all fired up to do their part, document and keep track of the progress made.  Let’s make this a good competition and a fun activity. See attached flyer for contribution suggestions.

Sue McKinney
4-H Program Representative
Kern County 4-H
1031 South Mt Vernon Ave
Bakersfield, CA 93307
661 868-6235


PDF 12/6/18
4-H Network December 2018 PDF 11/29/18
Kern County 4-H Field Day
  • Saturday, November 10th at the Kern County Fairgrounds Harvest Hall
  • Registration and check-in starts at 8:00 a.m.
  • See schedule of events and Bake Day Entry information
PDF 11/6/18
4-H Network November 2018 PDF 11/1/18
4-H Network October 2018 PDF 10/1/18
4-H Network September 2018 PDF 9/4/18
4-H Network August 2018 PDF 8/2/18
4-H Network July 2018 PDF 6/28/18
4-H Network June 2018 PDF 5/30/18
4-H Network May 2018 PDF 5/2/18
Kern County Rabbit Breeders Association Double Open Rabbit and Cavy Show
  • Kern County Rabbit Breeders Association Double Open Rabbit and Cavy Show
  • May 12, 2018 at Kern Ag Pavilion, 3300 East Belle Terrace
  • See attached for show and entry information 
PDF 4/16/18
Give Big Kern Fundraiser
  • Give to 4-H through Give Big Kern Day!
  • To contribute, visit the Kern County 4-H link
  • See attached for information
PDF 4/2/18
4-H Network April 2018 PDF 3/30/18
4-H Network March 2018 PDF 2/28/18
4-H Network February 2018 PDF 1/31/18
4-H Network January 2018 PDF 1/5/18
4-H Network December 2017 PDF 12/1/17
4-H Network November 2017 PDF 11/3/17
4-H Network October 2017 PDF 10/3/17
4-H Network September 2017 PDF 9/1/17
4-H Network August 2017 PDF 7/31/17
4-H Network July 2017 PDF 6/30/17
Kern County 4-H New Year 2017/2018
  • July 1, 2017 - Happy New Year!
  • Important Dates and Instructions
  • Online Enrollment Due July 1st for all members ($46 youth/$16 adult leaders)
  • Record Book Judging Registration
  • Record Book Requirements
  • Fair Eligibility and Deadlines
  • Please see attachment for complete information
PDF 6/15/17
4-H Network June 2017 PDF 5/31/17
4-H Countywide Positions
  • 4-H Countywide Position Nominations due June 1st
  • See attached Nomination Form/Descriptions and Responsibilities
PDF 5/19/17
4-H Network May 2017 PDF 5/2/17
4-H Network April 2017 PDF 3/31/17
4-H Network March 2017 PDF 3/1/17
4-H Network February 2017 PDF 2/2/17
4-H Network January 2017 PDF 12/29/16
4-H Network December 2016 PDF 12/1/16
Fashion Revue @ Field Day!!!!

Fashion Revue WILL be offered this weekend at Kern County 4-H Field Day!!!  Please see the packet with entry form, commentary suggestions, and supplemental entry forms.  ALL FORMS WILL NEED TO BE BROUGHT THE DAY OF THE EVENT!!!  


Field Day will also have LOTS of other 4-H events going on so come and join us!!!  

PDF 11/7/16
4-H Network November 2016 PDF 11/2/16
4-H Network October 2016 PDF 9/21/16
4-H Network September 2016 PDF 9/6/16
4-H Network August 2016 PDF 8/1/16
4-H Network July 2016 PDF 6/30/16
4-H Network June 2016 PDF 6/2/16
Virtual Record Book Training Rescheduled

Hello Everyone! Due to sickness, tonight's virtual record book workshop will be rescheduled! Keep an eye out for all the information in the following weeks!

JPEG 5/23/16
4-H Network May 2016 PDF 5/3/16
4-H Network April 2016 PDF 4/1/16
4-H Network March 2016 PDF 3/3/16
4-H Network February 2016 PDF 2/1/16
4-H Network January 2016 PDF 1/4/16
4-H Network December 2015 PDF 12/1/15
4-H Network November 2015 PDF 11/2/15
4-H Network October 2015 PDF 10/2/15
AWESOME show of support to local 4-H Youth!

Check out the AWESOME plan Les Schwab Tire Company has for this year's Kern County Fair! Hint: It involves buying your animal! 

PDF 9/25/15
4-H Network September 2015 PDF 9/2/15
Join us at the 4-H Horse Show!!!

Please join us for the Kern County 4-H Horse Show!!!  Everyone is welcome!

PDF 8/27/15

DATE CORRECTION fo the September Horse SHOW!

Please find the attached flyer!!

PDF 8/13/15
4-H Network August 2015 PDF 8/5/15
ALL 14-15 Medal Test Results.....

Please find the attachment, with ALL the medal testing results for the 2014-2015 program year.  This includes the following testing dates:

November - 4-H Field Day

February - Home Ec. Field Day

May - Testing @ 4-H Office

June - Testing @ 4-H Office

June - Sheep Progress Show

Due to some uploading errors, and to be sure that everyone has seen the medal testing results, we are re-posting ALL the medal test results for the 2014-2015 4-H year.  Members will receive their medals at Achievement Program on Friday, August 7, 2015 @ 7 p.m. at the Kern County Fair grounds in the Fine Arts building. 

PDF 7/23/15

Due to lots of confusion and questions, a 'New 4-H Year Reminder' packet has been designed!  Please read over it!  We hope this will help clear up any confusion regarding Record Books and Re-Enrollment!

PDF 7/10/15
Happy 4-H NEW Year! PDF 7/1/15
4-H Network July 2015 PDF 7/1/15
Canceled Horse Leader's Meeting....

The June and July Horse Leader's Meetings are canceled!  Thank you!

PDF 6/22/15
Call for Council Chairperson Nominations...

Call for Kern County 4-H Council Chairperson Nominations!  Self-nominate or nominate someone!  Find all the needed information in the flyers below!  Nomination DUE: June, 18, 2015!!! 

PDF 6/12/15
4-H Network June 2015 PDF 6/2/15
Fashion Revue CORRECTED!

Sorry!  The previous attachment was the old flyer.  Please find the CORRECT 2015 Fashion Revue Flyer!!! 

PDF 5/8/15
Fashion Revue!!!

Fashion Revue Information and Entry forms are now open!!!


PDF 5/7/15
4-H Network May 2015 PDF 5/4/15

These results are from the 2015 Home Ec. Field Day, medal testing.  Please accept our deepest apologies in the delay in these results!!!

PDF 5/4/15
4-H Network April 2015 PDF 4/2/15
Fashion Revue - DATE CHANGE

Fashion Revue - DATE CHANGE!

PDF 3/17/15
4-H Network March 2015 PDF 3/5/15
4-H Network February 2015 PDF 2/3/15
4-H Network January 2015 PDF 1/8/15
4-H Network December 2014 PDF 12/1/14
4-H Network November 2014 PDF 11/4/14
4-H Network October 2014 PDF 10/1/14
4-H Network September 2014 PDF 9/2/14
4-H Network August 2014 PDF 8/1/14
Centennial Celebration

Centennial Celebration - Thursday, August 21, 201 - Kern Ag Pavilion

PDF 7/14/14
4-H Network July 2014 PDF 7/1/14
100-Year Agriculture Families PDF 6/4/14
4-H Network June 2014 PDF 6/2/14
4-H Network May 2014 PDF 5/1/14
4-H Network April 2014 PDF 4/1/14
4-H Network March 2014 PDF 3/3/14
Newsletter CORRECTION....


PDF 2/11/14
4-H Network February 2014 PDF 2/3/14
4-H Network January 2014 PDF 1/6/14
4-H Network December 2013 PDF 12/2/13
4-H Network November 2013 PDF 11/1/13
4-H Network October 2013 PDF 10/1/13
Important Event Announcements for September and October

Open Youth Alpaca Show at Kern County Fair September 18th

Notes from the Sheep Barn for Kern County Fair

4-H Horse Awards October 18th

PDF 9/9/13
4-H Network September 2013 PDF 9/3/13
Cancelled Meeting for Tonight! Rabbit Member's Showmanship Clinic

Rabbit Member's Showmanship Meeting Cancelled Tonight!

PDF 8/28/13
Rabbit Leader Showmanship Cancellation

Rabbit Showmanship Clinic Cancelled for tonight, August 21, 2013, 6:30 to 7:30pm.

PDF 8/21/13
4-H Achievement Awards 2013

4-H Achievement Awards and Leader Recognition will be held Friday, August 9, 2013  at 7:00 p.m., in the Fine Arts Building at the Kern County Fairgrounds.  The evening program is attached.  Please review it.  We would love for our club members and leaders to be there to collect their awards.  An Ice Cream Social will immediately follow the awards ceremony.  

PDF 8/8/13
4-H Network August 2013 PDF 8/1/13
4-H Network July 2013 PDF 7/1/13
Rabbit Members & Leader's Meeting tonight Cancelled!!!

The Rabbit Members and Leader's meeting scheduled for tonight, June 5th at 6:30 p.m. is CANCELLED!!   Please pass the word along!!!  

PDF 6/5/13
4-H Network June 2013 PDF 6/3/13

CLARIFICATION ON ETHICS TRAINING!!!! There seems to have been some confusion that this training was canceled.

It is NOT canceled, and is STILL SCHEDULED FOR Tuesday, May 28th, 2013 at 5:30pm @ the 4-H Office Open to all 4-H Members (no Cloverbuds please)

Certificate is good for 4 years, remember you must have this training to show at the CA State Fair!!!

PDF 5/24/13
Current Poultry & Swine Influenza Concerns....

Poultry & Swine Influenza Information and Prevention

With the show season well upon us, and Fair just around the corner, it is more important than ever to take all the precautions you can to protect yourself and your 4-H animal project.  Information has just been released from the State 4-H Office about some current concerns in the Poultry and Swine worlds.  Please take a moment to read how you can better protect your animals, by increasing/changing your bio-security measures.  Leaders…this is also a GREAT way to incorporate into your project meeting!

Please check out the attached document with info, links and an article on some precautions and safety issues!

PDF 5/21/13
4-H Network May 2013 PDF 5/1/13
Date Changes....

Please note there have been two important date changes in May.  The FINAL Record book Worskshop as well as the State Fair Ethics training.  Sorry about sending out so many updated calendar versions....we just want to make sure that everyone is up to date with correct dates!!!

PDF 5/1/13
UPDATED Calendar Mistake!

Hello Everyone!

There was a misunderstanding with one of the notes on the calendar in May regarding medal testing.  The Bronze and Silver levels of the Pygmy Goat test WILL be offered during the regular testing dates....ONLY the Pygmy Goat GOLD (and still HORSE) will not be issued at those dates.  For the Pygmy Goat GOLD level please contact Nancy Hillberg (rnhillberg@yahoo.com or 496-1758) between 4/29-5/4 to make an appointment to take the GOLD level test!  Thank you! 

The attached calendar just has the corrected note!

PDF 4/25/13
UPDATED 4-H Calendar!

After our April Leader Council meetings, there have been some additions to our 4-H Calendar, including the addition of some medal testing dates!  Please find the attached most current version on the 4-H Calendar.  You can also check to ensure you have the most up to date version, by finding it available for download on our 4-H website homepage: http://cekern.ucanr.edu/Youth_Development/

PDF 4/25/13
4-H Network April 2013 PDF 4/1/13
Cloverbud meeting tonight CANCELED!!!!

The Cloverbud meeting scheduled for tonight, March 18th at 6 p.m. is CANCELED!! Please pass the word along!!!

PDF 3/18/13
4-H Scholarships Available

Please see important information regarding available 4-H Scholarships!

PDF 3/11/13
4-H Network March 2013 PDF 3/1/13
New Leader Orientation NOW ONLINE!!!

Please see the exciting announcement attached!!! :)

PDF 2/4/13
4-H Network February 2013 PDF 2/1/13
Misc. Announcements for January.... PDF 1/10/13
4-H Network January 2013 PDF 1/3/13
December 2012 4-H Newsletter PDF 12/3/12

The Bake Day entry form didn't quite make it in the November newsletter, but here it is!!!  You can also register online at: http://ucanr.edu/bakedayentry

PDF 11/2/12
November 2012 4-H Newsletter PDF 11/1/12
Kern County 4-H Condors GAME!!!

Join us for a Kern County 4-H Condors Hockey group outing!!!  Invite your friends and family to join in on the fun!  This is also the famous "Teddy Bear Toss" night so be sure to bring a stuffed animal!  Please see the attached flyer and contact Nancy Hillberg is you have any other questions at: 496-1758

PDF 10/30/12
NEWS RELEASE October 2012 DOCX 10/29/12
Current 2012-2013 4-H Calendar!

Please accept my apologies, somewhere along the line I must have not clicked a save button and the current calendar didn't upload like I thought it did!  Please find the current 2012-2013 Kern County 4-H Calendar attached!!!

PDF 10/18/12
NEW! County-wide Cloverbud Project!!!

Please spread the word!  A COUNTYWIDE Cloverbud project is starting!!!  This will take the place of your club Cloberbud project, or 'offer' one to members if your club does not have one.  This is not a mandatory change, we do understand that some clubs have very succesful CB projects going, though we would love to have ALL CB members, leaders and even Jr./Teen leaders join us!!!  Please contact Veronica for more information or questions...661-865-6235

PDF 10/18/12
October 2012 Newsletter Corrections PDF 10/1/12
4-H Network October 2012 PDF 9/28/12
4-H Network September 2012 PDF 9/7/12



PDF 9/4/12
Corn Stalks Available PDF 8/7/12
4-H Network August 2012 PDF 7/31/12

Food Safety training will now be offered online!!!  The UC is in the process of designing and testing the online course/quiz.  To take part in this, please see the attached flyer with all the information!  Pilot testing will only be available through the end of July, so hurry!!!

PDF 7/6/12
4-H Network July 2012 PDF 6/28/12
4-H Fireworks Booth! PDF 6/11/12
4-H Network June 2012 PDF 6/7/12
4-H Network May 2012 PDF 5/14/12
4-H Network April 2012 PDF 4/2/12
4-H Network Newsletter March 2012 PDF 3/5/12
Field Day 2012

Home Ec. Field Day and Fashion Revue have had some changes!!!  Please see the attached flyers for these events!!!

PDF 2/15/12
Fashion Review 2012

Home Ec. Field Day and Fashion Revue have had some changes!!!  Please see the attached flyers for these events!!!"

PDF 2/15/12

Kern County 4-H Condors Night is March 30th.  Please see flyer for details.  Order forms are due to Nancy Hillberg by March 27th.

PDF 1/27/12
4-H Network February 2012 PDF 1/23/12
4-H Network January 2012 PDF 12/28/11
4-H Network December 2011 PDF 11/29/11
Keep it Hopping Rabbit Show PDF 11/21/11
Winter Camp 2012 DOC 11/9/11
NOR Christmas Parade 2011 PDF 11/2/11
4-H Network November 2011 PDF 11/1/11
4-H Network October 2011 REVISED PDF 10/5/11
4-H Network September 2011 PDF 9/13/11
FINAL Medal Testing Results as of 8/11/11 PDF 8/11/11
Medal Testing Results PDF 8/8/11
Record Book Results PDF 8/5/11
4-H Network - August 2011 PDF 7/29/11
4-H Network - July 2011 PDF 6/30/11
4-H Network - June 2011 PDF 4/26/08
4-H Network - May 2011 PDF 4/29/11
4-H Network - April 2011 PDF 3/31/11
4-H Network - March 2011 PDF 2/28/11
4-H Network - February 2011 PDF 1/28/11
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT 3rd Annual Science, Engineering, and Technology Workshop - February 5, 2011 PDF 1/20/11
4-H Network - January 2011 PDF 12/22/10
4-H Network - December 2010 CORRECTION Dec. 8 Winter Camp Planning Meeting 7:00 p.m. Joline Garone NOT John Garone PDF 12/6/07
4-H Network - November 2010 PDF 6/14/08
4-H Network - October 2010 PDF 10/6/10
4H - Network - September 2010 PDF 4/8/11
4-H Network - August 2010 - revised County Director Retires; Achievement Program to include a "White Exchange" and "School Supply Drive"; Results for Market Goat & Sheep Progress Shows, Fashion Revue, Air Rifle Match, Project Level Testing, Record Book Judging; Poultry Schedule changes at the KC Fair; Wanted: Senior Pictures; Shooting Sports Certifications: Muzzle Loading and Shotgun; Washington Focus; Maternity Leave Announced; 4-H State Calendar; Local 4-H Contacts; Volunteer Website; Record Book Corner; Member Fee Change; National Youth Science Day; Cavies at the KC Fair; 4-H Hat Etiquette; Free TB Testing for Bovine; Animal Science Education Advisory Committee; Leader's Council: Roll Call; Project Level Study Guides;Project Linus "Make a Blanket Day" Sweet Treats for Veterans PDF 8/4/10
4-H Network - July 2010 revised PDF 7/6/10
4-H Network - July 2010 Club News: Golden Empire, ATTN: Poultry Exhibitors, 4-H Booth at CA State Fair, State 4-H Calendar, Local 4-H Calendar, Local 4-H Contacts, Volunteer Website, 2010 Program Fee Change, ATTN: Graduating Seniors, Shooting Sports Workshops: Rifle, Muzzle Loading, Shotgun, Funding Opportunty, Washington Focus 2011, 4-H National Youth Science Day State Presentation Day Cavies, 4-H Hat Etiquette, Animal Science Education Advisory Committee, Got Books?, 2010-2011 Kern County 4-H Leader's Council PDF 7/2/10
4-H Network - June 2010 Datelines, KC State Ambassador, Soap Box Derby, Sheep & Market Goat Entry Forms, Field Day Results, Help Needed at CA State Fair Booth, State 4-H Calendar, CA State Fair, Local 4-H Contacts, Volunteer Website, 4-H Websites, State Leadership Conf., State Web Presence, Shooting Sports Workshops, State Leaders Forum, 4-H Hat Etiquette, Ronald McDonald House, Attn: Graduating Seniors, Funding Opportunity, Cavies are Coming to the KC Fair, Club Observation PDF 5/28/10
4-H Network - May 2010 PDF 5/5/10
4-H Network - April 2010 - Revised PDF 4/7/10
4-H Network - March 2010 PDF 2/19/10
4-H Network - February 2010 PDF 1/29/10
4-H Network - January 2010 PDF 12/23/09
4-H Network - December 2009 PDF 11/30/09
4-H Network - November 2009 PDF 11/9/09
4-H Network - October 2009 PDF 9/30/09
4-H Network September 2009 PDF 8/31/09
2009-2010 CALENDAR PUB 8/10/09
4-H Network August 2009 PDF 7/27/09
4-H Network July 2009 - Corrected Version PDF 7/1/09
4-H Network June 2009 PDF 6/17/09
4-H Network 2009 May PDF 5/4/09
4-H Network 2009 April PDF 1/28/09
4-H Network 2009 March PDF 2/23/09
4-H Network 2009 February Corrections DOC 2/9/09