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Becoming a 4-H Leader...

4-H Volunteers

Volunteer leaders are a key component of the 4-H program, which focuses on citizenship, leadership, and life skills development using a "learn-by-doing" educational model. 4-H is unique in its pursuit of effective youth-adult partnerships. These partnerships ensure that both youth and adults grow together in shared responsibility and decision-making. No matter your background or expertise, you can join the 4-H community.  As a parent, a project leader, or in any other leadership capacity, you can offer your unique talents and perspectives.

All volunteer applicants must complete a Leader Orientation and successfully clear a California Department of Justice background check (Livescan fingerprinting) initiated by University of California Cooperative Extension prior to their initial appointment. To complete Livescan fingerprinting.

How Do I Become a 4-H Leader?

1. Enroll:

Go to the 4hOnline enrollment system.
Attend a local 4-H Club meeting and pay your Program Fee ($6.00 for adults)

2. Attend New Leader Orientation:

All new leaders must attend an orientation before being officially appointed as a leader.  Several 60-minute orientation trainings will be scheduled for the coming year. Please check with your Community Club Leader about what projects or areas that you will be helping with.
Please check the 4-H Calendar for the next Leader's Orientation.

These workshops are held at the Cooperative Extension Office (4-H Office):
1031 S. Mount Vernon Ave.
Bakersfield, Ca   93307 
Check out our calendar for time and more information!

3. Fingerprinting:

At your New Leader Orientation you will be given a form to take to a live scan agency.  While you can go to any live scan agency, the Kern County Sheriff's Office is usually the easiest and most inexpensive. They will be electronically transmitted to the Department of Justice for clearance, and then we will be notified.

Resources For New Leaders

California State 4-H web site:
 For Adult Volunteers 
The 4-H Experience Brochure (2003)
Project Leader's Digest

Our mission is to help youth to succeed and thrive while advancing academic knowledge in positive youth development.

You can find resources for leading 4-H Projects at: Training Modules

You can find safety information at ANR Environmental Health and Safety 4-H Resources.

Think about participating in the 3-day State 4-H Leaders' Forum!

Also check the Forms and Resource Page on Kern County 4-H web site.