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4-H Criteria...

The 4-H Club Year is from July 1 to June 30.

The goal of the 4-H program is to enable every Kern County youth to participate. Payment of a small annual program fee is part of the enrollment process, but 4-H is open to everyone, regardless of financial issues. If you want to join, but feel that you can't afford the program fee, please complete and submit the Fee Waiver Request form to the County office.

Kern County youth who will be at least 9 years old by January 1 or in the 4th grade may join 4-H after the July 1 of the year prior to that January.  For example, a young person whose 9th birthday is in November may join anytime after July 1 or when the club begins to accept enrollment - usually in the early Fall.

A young person who is not yet 9, but has been promoted to the 4th grade may join after July 1 or when the club begins to accept enrollment - usually in the early Fall.  For home schooled youth, only the age criteria applies.

Older youth may participate as 4-H members through December 31st of the calendar year in which they turn 19 years of age.

Some local 4-H clubs offer Primary Member programs for youth between 5 and 9 years of age. For Primary Member Information click here.

Steps to Join a 4-H Club in Kern County...

1. Choose a Club - Click Here for a list of 4-H clubs in Kern County.  Then click on the club name to get a list of projects offered by the club as well as other information.

2. Login to 4-H Online - Click Here for InstructionsYou will need an email address for your family. Your family email will be your permanent login id. Be ready to enter a password - 8 characters with at least one number or symbol.

3.Contact the Community Club Leader to let them know you have joined and they will accept you online.
The contact information is on the list from #1 above.