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4-H County Chairpersons

Countywide Project Chairs 

County Chair postitions are held by 4-H Volunteer leaders.  Nominations are called for yearly at Leader Council during the summer, an individual may volunteer/nominate themselves for a position.  While there is nothing mandatory Chairpersons must follow with in their position, Leader Council has set forth these suggested guidlines:

Suggested goals for Project Chairs are to:

  • Coordinate and hold periodic leader meetings to establish project needs.
  • Coordinate special leader/Jr/Teen Leader training.
  • Establish project progress show as necessary.
  • Encourage and establish industry related field trips and learning experiences.
  • Coordinate and assist with county events as appropriate.
  • Keep a record book for all of the activities to be forwarded to the new chairman.
  • Attend Council meetings.
  • Coordinate and or assist with project medal testing as deemed necessary.