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Sponsors - 4-H Kern County


How to Donate to Kern County 4-H

As members of the Kern County 4-H Sponsoring Committee, we are requesting your support of the young people of our community.  Please take a few moments to consider our request.

There are over 700 youth involved in the Kern County 4-H Program.  They are guided by over 300 adult volunteers.  Members and leaders are working on a variety of projects ranging from livestock production to field crops, home economics, citizenship, leadership, photography, woodworking and many others.

The sponsoring committee budget helps support some of the major events which are held each year and provides opportunities for members and leaders to be recognized for outstanding achievements and to receive additional training.  Additionally, funds are used to promote 4-H in the community to reach more young people and their families.

We believe in the work that is being done in the    4-H program under the auspices of the University of California Cooperative Extension.  We know that 4-H offers young people experiences that will boost their self esteem, give them skills for the future and help them grow into productive members of our community.  Investing in young people not only gives an immediate return by improving their lives, but also yields a longterm benefit to our community and our world. 
Won't you join us in support of the Kern County     4-H Program?

Tax-deductible contributions may be made payable to:

Kern County 4-H Club Sponsor Committee
c/o University of California Cooperative Extension
1031 S. Mount Vernon Ave.
Bakersfield, Ca   93307

Phone: (661) 868-6235
e-mail: jaborba@ucdavis.edu or lsmckinney@ucanr.edu

All funds are used for activities and awards for local youth. None are used for salaries or administrative costs.

Sponsor Committee...

 The Sponsor's Committee governs the Kern County 4-H Sponsor's Fund.  The Committee directs the actions and expenditures of the donations the fund receives.  The Committee is composed of a team of dedicated individuals who work closely with the staff of the University of California Cooperative Extension.

Directors:      Jared Britschgi
                      Christopher Diniz
                      Mike Giannini
                      Joe Nunez    
                      Roger Williams

Thank You to Our Sponsors...

The Kern County 4-H Council and the University of California Cooperative Extension personnel join the 4-H Sponsor Committee in expressing our sincere thanks to you for your thoughtful donation. This will provide the necessary funds needed to support the 4-H program's budget this year.

The 4-H Program involves both rural and urban youth and adult leaders from every area of Kern County.  Thanks to your support, 4-H continues to grow in Kern County!!!

Every donation is important to the program and the youth involved in 4-H.  We are pleased and proud to acknowledge the women, men, and organizations that gave so generously in support of the Kern County 4-H Program this year!