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Youth Opportunities


Getting Involved in Your OWN County!

There are many ways to get involved right here in your own backyard!  Here are just a few ideas:

Club Officers

Together, the 4-H club officer team is responsible for the administration of the 4-H club and its programs. Club officers plan and carry out community club meetings. This process engages officers by encouraging them to learn experientially. The officer advisor serves as a facilitator, counselor, resource provider, and coach to the officers.

For manuals, forms and many other resources check out the State 4-H Officer Page.

Leadership Opportunities...

Leadership:  Members can achieve a broad understanding of the meaning of leadership and the qualities of a leader while practicing leadership skills through various events and positions.  Youth Summits and the State 4-H Leadership Conference give members the tools they need to be a leader both in 4-H and the world.  To exercise these skills, 4-H has opportunities for members to hold offices and be Junior/Teen Leaders at the club, county, and state levels.  For more information about leadership opportunities, contact your community club leader or check out the State 4-H Leadership & Public Speaking information. 


Did you know there are scholarships available just for 4-H members?!  Check out the links below to find out more information on both local and State scholarships: